Think Like a Teenager

I’m in that middle of the road point where I’m not a teenager (obviously).  However, I don’t feel as old as my birth certificate says (lies) and my children aren’t in the dreaded teenage years (yet).  I am a lover of technology.  I was an early adopter of Facebook when it wasn’t any fun since I was only 1 of 2 people I knew on it.  I do think new apps are popping up quicker than I could even try them out.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had an article “How to Use Tech Like a Teenager“.  I immediately thought of the negative connotation regarding privacy and over doing it, however I was pleasantly surprised.  This article spoke to teenagers living in a world where they get the idea of surveillance and most are heeding the warnings.  I found the article interesting as it plays to the the running joke making fun of old people (us 30 somethings) not being able to program their phones so better find your kid to do so.

My opinion is lets make peace with the fact that we can get schooled on technology by a teenager so why not start learning.  Heck my toddler has on occasions schooled me.


An Apple a day. I wish I listened to doctor’s orders.

The Wall Street Journal today online has an article about Apple stock being projected to hit above $700.  Every time I see this I can’t help but think back only four years ago when I was doing my Accounting MBA class.  We each had to do a full analysis of a company.  I decided to sink my teeth into Apple.  The project, which was most of our grade, culminated with giving a Buy, Sell or Hold suggestion to the reader.  At the close of the project Apple was at $320 and considered high.  I wish I took my own advice and had some cash to play with because I said definitely Buy with of course the caveat if you have enough cash on hand to make it worthwhile.

Hopefully my professor who gave me an A listened.  He could be sitting pretty on his own island or something.

Facebook IPO not for the Average Joe

As we quickly approach the Facebook IPO don’t get too excited.  The initial share price is estimated to be between $28 – $35 a share.  Per the Wall Street Journal Article “Sizing Up Facebook” the problem is the Average Joe investor is most likely going to be blocked from the IPO and never get that price.  I do however realize how Facebook has infiltrated most of our lives so…’s to fighting to get a part of the IPO.

The Olympics are Coming…to London

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and so is the stress of the covering cost and dealing with the influx of people.  I started thinking of this today due to an article I saw on about how some London Data center employees are going to be sleeping at the job to ensure that the work shifts are covered.  Yet again another great idea that someone thought of to fill a need.

Years ago when New York (my home town) was in the running to get these games I worked on the New York 2012 advertising campaign account.  All I kept thinking was “If we win I’m taking those week off of work.”   I grew up watching and adoring the Summer Games.  I remember being heartbroken watching Greg Louganis in Seoul in 1988 hit his head during his dive only to be uplifted when he went on to win the Gold.  I will never forget Barcelona in 1992 when my favorite female gymnast Kim Zmeskal battled Shannon Miller.  Who in the US could forget the Reebok ad campaign for Dan & Dave that was a mess when the entire campaign was based on both men competing in Track & Field at the Olympic Games then Dan didn’t make it?  I do remember a few commercials trying to make light of the situation. 

I was and still am a fan but I would be remise to ignore the financial and infrastructure strains it puts on a city. When people talk about Greece and their financial woes the Olympic Games they hosted comes up as a financial burden they were just unable to accommodate.  To be honest I would be hard pressed to think of any city that wouldn’t find it to be a burden.  I’ve seen a few articles stating that the original estimate of the cost of the London Games was way off.  We won’t get the full picture until they are long since over.  I’m curious to see what other types of businesses or ideas come out as we get closer and closer to opening ceremonies.

Tim Cook is a Rock Star

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) closed at $610 yesterday (Wed Apr 25).  That’s huge when you take into account one year ago (Apr 26, 2011) it closed at $350.42.  With the loss of Mr. Jobs in October people feared the company could loose direction at the helm.  It appears Mr. Cook is doing right by the late-great Mr. Jobs, the Apple employees and especially the stockholders.  With an impressive career in his own right, Tim Cook may not have the over-the-top personality of his predicessor but he does have the brains to take Apple even farther. 

On a side note to pat myself on the back.  One year ago in my MBA Accounting class my project was based on doing a full analysis of Apple, Inc. and making a buy, sell, hold recommendation.  I decided to be bold and say buy which is not an easy call with a pricey stock.  Verizon was coming to the iPhone table and I just knew that was going to be a driver.  Of course the caveat was being able to afford to buy stock that was trading in the low $300. 

My only mistake….not taking my own advice.  The stock is trading at nearly twice what it was when I recommended BUY.  Now only if I can find a small IPO that I can get the same feeling on.  I could be writing this from my beach chair overlooking (insert any tropical location).

FCBK Maybe?

Nasdaq has won the Facebook listing and it will sit among the “likes” of Apple and Google.  Not bad company to have.  In May when they do their IPO I say list it as FCBK.   Will they be granted a rare exception to the 4 letter coding so it can be FB?  We’ll see.

Either way Nasdaq OMX Group, Inc (NDAQ) shares when up 1.9% today.  Due to the winning listing?  Couldn’t hurt.

iPad 3 Announcement Came and Went

I was sitting in the 2nd day of a 3 day management meeting and all the none meeting related chatter was around if anyone heard if Apple made the announcement yet.  The night prior I was discussing with colleagues who thought that iPad 3 was going to have flashy new features like 3D capabilities or projection keyboards.  All that I’ve read the consensus seemed to be that there really wouldn’t be too much new excitement.  My prediction earlier in the week was a HD screen, better camera and the inclusion of Siri.

As it turned out I wasn’t far off the mark.  Tim Cook in Apple fashion came out and presented how the iPad 3 had an HD screen and a better camera, no Siri but there is a dictation capability so I’ll call that a push on my bet. The extra big feature is 4G.  I wasn’t even thinking of that type of option.

All in all I seemed to be pretty good with my prediction.

My question is….When is iPhone 5 hitting the market?

Zynga makes an announcement which affects Facebook

Click Image for link to Wall Street Journal Article.  (Image by DPA/Zuma Press)

Great and perfecting timed article in the Wall Street Journal today re: Zynga announcing today that they’re officially set up to allow their user to play their games such as “Farmville” and my personal favorite “Words with Friends” directly via their own site versus having to connect via a Facebook link.

I’m not sure of the immediate financial impact this has on Facebook since Facebook and Zynga are both technically free unless you opt to upgrade or buy tokens.  I do however think this puts a bit of a wrinkle in Facebook’s IPO valuation which is already being debated.

We’ll have to wait and see but anyone thinking of wanting to buy Facebook shares need to do their research.

March 7th for the big Apple iPad 3 Announcement

The news is all a buzz that March 7th is the big Apple, Inc. announcement surrounding iPad 3.  For an owner of an iPad 2 I’m dying to know what new features I will have to cry alittle over since I would be crazy to upgrade to the 3 so quickly.  There has been talk about it being smaller compared to a Kindle or being pretty similar to the 2 just a bit faster with a better camera.  It won’t be long now.

As an admitted Apple-addict who’s name isn’t Hilton and who definitely can’t keep up with the Kardashian’s all I can hope for is that I time my Apple purchases well enough to get value out of them before it dies or before I break down and upgrade. 

If you’re wondering how long before either of those happens Apple has a compete matrix of how long their items should last.  I had a friend years ago who’s iPod broke after 2+ years and they went in to get a new one and were allowed a view into the Apple mind and were told by the Geek that iPods are only built to last 1.5 years.  Anything beyond that you’re working on borrowed time.  The price, at least for me, doesn’t fit that small window but you’d be crazy not to think that Apple doesn’t take that into account when timing the new product releases.  There will always be the wait-outside-overnight-to-get-the-first-item crew of Apple lovers but they do need to get the rest of us normal folk on the buying band wagon. 

Whatever they’re putting in the Kool-Aid is working because even knowing this I still can’t wait for them to take my money and give me my white bag.