What I wish I knew earlier in my career?

This year I’ve had the amazing opportunity and pleasure of running fireside chats with senior leadership of Thomson Reuters.  In addition to my day job I co-chair the programming committee for the Women@Thomson Reuters NY Chapter and this is part of our networking and employee engagement programming.  With each additional session and person in the hot seat I think more about things I wish knew earlier.

I’m a pretty confident person particularly confident in my skills.  I only wish I was as sure of myself early on.  We often say how women are more critical of their experience when looking at a job posting.  The theory that women have to have all the requested experience and skills and our male colleagues take the risk if they don’t have every single one ticked.  I agree with this theory so I’m not only making every effort to quiet that critical voice in my head but I go out of my way to offer advice and encouragement to my younger colleagues.  One of my favorites is ‘you’re your own best cheerleader’.  It’s a skill and an art to be able to give yourself props without seeming like you’re bragging but it’s a skill everyone needs.

My only daughter turned 10 this weekend and I’m spending more and more time teaching her to be confident.  Hopefully when she’s entering the working world she won’t come with the same baggage I carried around for far too long.



Our 9th year

October 2nd marked our 9th time getting dressed for the weather to trek out to the Autism Speaks Walk on Long Island.  Our son Troy who has autism is at an age now where he knows about his condition and he’s pretty open about it.  It’s incredibly cool actually how he can sometimes be so comfortable in his own skin.  He talks about having autism and he really appreciates all the friends and family that come out or donate to support him.

I did a rough addition of the money we’ve raised over these 9 years and was amazed it was over $11,000.  Not too bad but 2017’s walk is going to be super special.  It will be out 10th and Troy will be 13.  Go big or go home I always say and 2017 is definitely going big.  Stay tuned.