Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting

This post is in honor of tonight’s lighting of the Rockefeller Center Tree.

I’m one of those New Yorkers who sadly hasn’t done many of the touristy New York things.  Have I been to the Statue of Liberty? No.  Top of World Trade Center.  Unfortunately no.  I have been to the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, once.  Okay okay it was by accident.  It was my freshman year at NYU and I was living on campus.  My friend Amy was going home for a few days so I offered to travel with her to Grand Central so she could take the MetroNorth.  We didn’t realize that it was the night of the lighting.  We were near Rockefeller Center and saw the crowds and thought lets follow these folks to see what’s up.  By the time we realized what it was we were too deep into the crowd to get out.

We were positioned around the corner from the view of the tree.  I thought this is great (sarcastically). We’ll get to hear everything and see nothing.  As soon as the first song began the crowd pushed forward and we were along for the ride. It pushed us in perfect view of the tree and the performers.  The view was glorious.  I’ve always been a fan of New York during the holidays.  My favorite however is always the large snowflake hanging above 5th Avenue and 57th Street.  That day, however, the tree was magnificent. It was probably the excitement of the event, the fun crowd and the nip in the air but it did seem like a magical Christmastime moment.  I didn’t plan it but I’m glad I had that experience.

With that I found a great article online today with the Seven Things You Never Knew About the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree from NBC 4 New York.  They were all sweet but that first one got me.

Enjoy the tree lighting everyone!