Is this High School?….again

Today is a really busy day in my house. It’s one of those days I feared. All the kids had something to do in opposite directions. We avoided it for all these years and I said it wouldn’t happened to us. But here we are.

When my husband and I started to hand out our orders I got taking my youngest to dance class. My son is an amazing dancer so his teacher asked for him to join another class for the recital. This isn’t our regular class so I didn’t know anyone but the teacher.

I again always avoided Saturday dance classes. They’re crowded and more importantly they’re all about cliques. This class didn’t disappoint. For the hour class I went 55 minutes with no one saying a word to me. I usually wouldn’t care because I planned on zoning out and reading but alas someone used my iPad last night and didn’t charge it. You can imagine my horror when I opened it up only to find 4% power. Ugh.

Now with nothing to occupy the time I took to people watching. What I found amazing was there was a definite dividing line between the cliques. I was not in either for the record. I was however deemed invisible so both sides at different points in the power shift didn’t mind talking freely in front of me. Both groups recognized there was a dividing line and they each blamed the other for it. Crazy is this high school or a meeting of the 30-40 something Moms.

I’ve never been one to have loads of friends. I’m not part of a Mom Mafia that controls the soccer field. I like hanging at home with my kids or having alone time. Do I fear my kids having trouble building relationships with the other kids? I do. If the parents can’t bridge a gap how can they teach their kids too.


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