A Great Burger Can Be a Real Threat

I have to admit….I had a great burger today.  I know it’s not the healthiest of things.  This was a way too many calories, probably increased my cholesterol a few points but was all worth it burger. While the kids were at class my husband and I get a little more than an hour to break bread together.  We decided to go to BurgerFI.  The BurgerFI Cheeseburger is fresh, mouth watering and doesn’t feel like a precooked hockey puck.

I tend to not leave well enough alone and just savor (literally) in the moment. My brain started working overtime. Do the big chains fear these ever sprouting specialty burger joints?  They should at least for the 35 and up crowd. Yes the big chains are a lower price point.  If you live in a high rent location like NYC however you’re not seeing the low price points anyway.  If I go to a McDonald’s in the middle of Manhattan I’m paying about $8 for a meal. My meal today at BurgerFI was $14 but for me that additional $6 made a huge increase in quality and value.

These high quality farm-to-table locations dovetail perfectly into the healthier way of eating. Healthy way of eating and higher quality specialty shops both seem to be affecting the big chains revenue.  This article on Slate.com “McDonald’s is Finally is Finally Making the One Big Menu Change that Could Save Its Business” shows the changes of testing out having their breakfast menu all day.  Genius really!  Even my most healthy of friends love a McDonald’s Breakfast.  Those who love a fried egg sandwich in the morning can look past the calories, the fat and generally the unhealthiness of it all. What a genius idea of leaning into what they know as a differentiator for them.  This just might, as Slate says, save their business.


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