Today in the WSJ news

Today’s Wall Street Journal had one of those days where my 40 minute commute was barely enough time to get through all the great stories.  The topics ranged from Streaming Services changing the TV viewership paradigm to the Fed pointing to June for Rate decisions.  For me some the main highlights were 2 separate articles about Apple. The tech view article talked about the battery life of the new Apple Watch and if it will be enough for their target consumer who’s proven they enjoy consuming at a rapid, battery absorbing pace.  “Battery-Life Worries Spring Up Around Apple Watch” The other from the affect that Apple stores has on malls and the foot track it creates.  “Apple Gets Sweet Deals from Mall Operators“.

The battery-life article about the Apple Watch is not a surprising one. Apple iPhones and the smart phone age had created an immediate discussion about high battery consumption post the launch of a new version or new product. Will it deter people from buying it?  I don’t think so. Apple has a devoted group of people who seem to have an endless supply of discretionary cash burning a hole in their pockets.  I would like to see how many will opt to purchase some the high end edition models like the 18-Karat Rose Gold model.  This takes it beyond cool tech gear to a luxury fashion accessory. With so many models to choose from starting at $350+ I think this will become just another way to judge others style sense, their brand commitment level and generally their financial standing in life.  This has gone way beyond the glowing apple we’re used to filling up our coffee shops.

This also dovetails perfectly into the article about the deals Apple gets on their mall space.  As Apple dips their stem into the fashion and accessories world will they have a stronger ability to call the shots on their contracts with Malls or will the Malls ride it out to hopefully capture the increased foot traffic? I guess we shall see as we get closer to the Apr 24 Apple Watch release date. If I was a mall I would be focusing all attention on how we can change the workflow of our malls to get these folks waiting on line to get some more non-Apple purchasing done. Personal shoppers, line-side options or apps to purchase and pickup post your Apple wait are a few that just popped into my mind.