Think Like a Teenager

I’m in that middle of the road point where I’m not a teenager (obviously).  However, I don’t feel as old as my birth certificate says (lies) and my children aren’t in the dreaded teenage years (yet).  I am a lover of technology.  I was an early adopter of Facebook when it wasn’t any fun since I was only 1 of 2 people I knew on it.  I do think new apps are popping up quicker than I could even try them out.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had an article “How to Use Tech Like a Teenager“.  I immediately thought of the negative connotation regarding privacy and over doing it, however I was pleasantly surprised.  This article spoke to teenagers living in a world where they get the idea of surveillance and most are heeding the warnings.  I found the article interesting as it plays to the the running joke making fun of old people (us 30 somethings) not being able to program their phones so better find your kid to do so.

My opinion is lets make peace with the fact that we can get schooled on technology by a teenager so why not start learning.  Heck my toddler has on occasions schooled me.