Valentine’s Day….the cost of it.

Not to take away the lovey dovey-ness of Valentine’s Day but I’m always curious how much people spend on this day.  I’m happily married to my Valentine of 14 yrs and we’ve never been hung up on expensive signs of affection.  Not that I’m against spending money on gifts or flowers or fancy dinners.  We’re just in a different stage of our lives where we appreciate just spending time together, even if it’s just sharing a meal at home.

In my curiosity of the holiday I looked up some of that stats.  According to’s article: Happy Valentine’s Day? Retailers not feeling the love, Valentine’s Day 2014 will contribute $17.3 B to the economy which is down from $18.6 B from 2013 and $17.6 B from 2012.  We’ll have to see if this tricky weather in the eastern part of the US will have a further effect on the actuals.  If you’re snowed in for the last week you can’t get out to eat a fancy meal nor be able to buy a gift.  The added bonus of items ordered on-line getting delayed in transit also pose a problem.  However I was curious to see how much do people spend.  Per the article the average is $133.91.  Being a New Yorker, that’s lower than I thought it would be but it is an average.

I guess the real question is how much you’re spending?  All I know is I got some beautiful flowers from my Valentine this morning. Happy Valentine’s Day folks.  Hope it’s all you hoped and dreamed.



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