Get your Target & Neiman Marcus Collection @ 1/2 off

Earlier I had posted about the designer collection coming to Target with a tie-in partnership with Neiman Marcus.  With the likes of Tori Burch, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenburg I was cautiously excited. 

I’ve done the outlet shopping and I know that most of those stores at the outlet produce some great pieces but if you think you’re going to get a $1000 purse for $250 you will be sadly mistaken.  You will definitely get some great high quality items for $250 but they are not the same materials or designs in the designers store on 5th Avenue.  However when Target and Neiman Marcus came forward with the proposed holiday designer collection I was hoping for the designers iconic items.  A Tori Burch pair of shoes or bag, a classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress or some killer Marc Jacobs sunglasses.  However when I hit I was shockingly surprised on the collection items.  Dog bowls, yoga mats, odd clutch bags, unusual decorative items.  Not one item in the entire collection I would want no matter who designed them.

Apparently I am not alone.  The Wall Street Journal on Dec 4 posted an article that the collection had weaker than projected sales though both Target and Neiman Marcus defend the numbers and claim their happy.  Today however the Huffington Post had a piece about the items that are left online are at 50% off.  To me thats a sign that this may not have worked as expected.

Either way if you’re looking for that Oscar de la Renta pet bowl you always wanted get to Target.  You may get it for a steal but that depends on your view.


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