Louboutin’s at Target? Not so fast….

It’s been a while since I posted and this is perfect article from the Wall Street Journal to to kick me back in.  Target and Neiman-Marcus are teaming up to provide a 50 item limited-edition collection of some top designers.  Now I LOVE my designer items and I definitely can’t buy at Neiman-Marcus prices on the regular but I have mixed feelings on this partnership.  (Picture from Associated Press)

Though I do think that a way to get some Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses or some Tory Burch shoes/purses at a cheaper price (albeit lesser quality fabric) can be awesome will this provide Neiman-Marcus what they need? They’re looking to bring in a younger less affluent clientele via this taste of the good life but when does owning a Target Burch Bag equate to me having to have the top tier line for hundreds of dollars.

On the same hand all those folks with the top tier line items will only want to seperate themselves by the old “Oh this is a Tory Burch bag but not the Target one.”  I guess only time will tell but I’m sure I’ll be online trying to score some of this Target line.