The Olympics are Coming…to London

The London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and so is the stress of the covering cost and dealing with the influx of people.  I started thinking of this today due to an article I saw on about how some London Data center employees are going to be sleeping at the job to ensure that the work shifts are covered.  Yet again another great idea that someone thought of to fill a need.

Years ago when New York (my home town) was in the running to get these games I worked on the New York 2012 advertising campaign account.  All I kept thinking was “If we win I’m taking those week off of work.”   I grew up watching and adoring the Summer Games.  I remember being heartbroken watching Greg Louganis in Seoul in 1988 hit his head during his dive only to be uplifted when he went on to win the Gold.  I will never forget Barcelona in 1992 when my favorite female gymnast Kim Zmeskal battled Shannon Miller.  Who in the US could forget the Reebok ad campaign for Dan & Dave that was a mess when the entire campaign was based on both men competing in Track & Field at the Olympic Games then Dan didn’t make it?  I do remember a few commercials trying to make light of the situation. 

I was and still am a fan but I would be remise to ignore the financial and infrastructure strains it puts on a city. When people talk about Greece and their financial woes the Olympic Games they hosted comes up as a financial burden they were just unable to accommodate.  To be honest I would be hard pressed to think of any city that wouldn’t find it to be a burden.  I’ve seen a few articles stating that the original estimate of the cost of the London Games was way off.  We won’t get the full picture until they are long since over.  I’m curious to see what other types of businesses or ideas come out as we get closer and closer to opening ceremonies.


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