Self-Made Millionaire Mom

Yahoo had this great article  “Millionaire Mom Creates .COM Sensation in Dorm Room” featuring Genevieve Thiers who after seeing a need developed a company and website to fill it.  This is a great uplifting story for not only women or Moms but anyone who is thinking of starting a business. She saw a pregnant woman on her college campus trekking around posting signs looking for a babysitter and decided there has to be a better way to connect those who need babysitters to those who are babysitters.    From there was born.

I also was just reading an article about Shelly Lazarus former Chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather,who I have had the pleasure to work with, about her thoughts on woman and moms in the workplace.  She felt the playing field was fairly even and only faced once in her 31 year career issues with someone discounting her because she was a woman.

Both articles were very inspiring.  Both of these women are driven individuals coming from different places to both reach high levels of success in the workplace.  Both articles are must reads.


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