Tim Cook is a Rock Star

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) closed at $610 yesterday (Wed Apr 25).  That’s huge when you take into account one year ago (Apr 26, 2011) it closed at $350.42.  With the loss of Mr. Jobs in October people feared the company could loose direction at the helm.  It appears Mr. Cook is doing right by the late-great Mr. Jobs, the Apple employees and especially the stockholders.  With an impressive career in his own right, Tim Cook may not have the over-the-top personality of his predicessor but he does have the brains to take Apple even farther. 

On a side note to pat myself on the back.  One year ago in my MBA Accounting class my project was based on doing a full analysis of Apple, Inc. and making a buy, sell, hold recommendation.  I decided to be bold and say buy which is not an easy call with a pricey stock.  Verizon was coming to the iPhone table and I just knew that was going to be a driver.  Of course the caveat was being able to afford to buy stock that was trading in the low $300. 

My only mistake….not taking my own advice.  The stock is trading at nearly twice what it was when I recommended BUY.  Now only if I can find a small IPO that I can get the same feeling on.  I could be writing this from my beach chair overlooking (insert any tropical location).


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