Did Volvo fall to linsanity too soon?

Volvo signed a deal with The New York Knicks in-house “linsanity” producer Jeremy Lin.  The problem now is he’s out for the regular season with knee surgery.  If I was Volvo right now I’d be panicking along with getting my lawyers to review the contract.  Although he is very popular in the NY area and China (with the US and China being the marketing focus) in a world where 15 minutes of fame feels like 15 seconds will his popularity fade before they can capitalize on it?  Only time will tell.

I find the case of Jeremy Lin to be very intriguing.  It is rather unfortunate that he succumbed to an injury but he does (did) have curb appeal.  Definitely was capable of keeping the sports writers going. From a multitude of angles.  Only Harvard Grad in the NBA (playing), of Asian decent, and most importantly seems like a really humble, well-spoken, overall nice kid.

Hopefully he’ll get another contract for next year.


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