Financial Questions of Obama-Care

In light of day 3 of the hearings on Obama-Care all the talk is of “mandates”.  The mandates are what in theory should drive down the cost per person but if you are able to opt-out doesn’t this plan become moot? 

There are people today who are not covered by medical insurance but they are getting care.  The question I have is, even if there are mandates and fines for those who don’t have coverage isn’t it easier to play the odds game.  Continue not to pay in for the coverage and hope not to get fined all the while hoping not to get sick.  How is this any different than what they’re doing now other than having a possible fine attached to it?

I’ve never been a fan of government telling me what I can or can not do.  I’m not a liberation however I’m not all for the government being so closely in my business and my wallet.  I’ve yet to actually hear if this makes it through how much more it’s going to cost me. 

Every real estate website has a tool to determine your possible mortgage payments.  How is it I can’t find a person who built that for Obama’s Healthcare plan?  If anyone knows of one please share.

Just got a breaking news alert that arguments are over.  Stay tuned to your…whatever you get your news on.


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