Greg Smith…Talk about burning bridges.

I’m sure most everyone knows by now the infamous Greg Smith if not maybe saying he was formerly of Goldman Sachs would clue you in.  He’s the disgruntle employee who left the firm this week and pretty much tried to take Goldman with him via an Op Ed piece in the NY Times. Bashing the firm he once loved and blaming the likes of top brass for it.  Talk about burning bridges.  I’m guessing he’ll never be hired back at GS but per his own comment you never know. Apparently if you can churn out a big enough profit they won’t care.

In my all my years working in major global corporations I’ve definitely seen crazier.  Just when you think someone couldn’t possibly have messed up more instead of firing they just push them to a different role or even promote them.

There’s lots of buzz around this particular public lashing because of the volatility of the banking industry.  It hasn’t really had a load of positive features in the news and the last thing they need is more of these guys coming out of wings.  (I’m sure there are plenty out there.)

Apparently Mayor Bloomberg went to meet with GS in a sign of support.  The question I have is, was that to protect NYC’s banking industry or Bloomberg?  Either way I can’t wait to see how this develops.


2 thoughts on “Greg Smith…Talk about burning bridges.

  1. Mkt 248 Hofstra March 18, 2012 / 3:09 pm

    Excellent effort. Some comments: On your home page, you need to fix your setup so that two columns of recent posts don’t appear. Also, ideally, your most recent several posts should appear on the home page. Re-read the posts for typos (I make them all the time and then end up fixing them after the posts are up). If this is a blog that you would want to link to on your resume, is there a consistent enough theme. Your posts and observations are good, but not very unified. What value-added content are YOU seeking to provide? Again, excellent effort.

  2. Tim March 21, 2012 / 1:30 pm

    Stephanie is awesome!

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