March 7th for the big Apple iPad 3 Announcement

The news is all a buzz that March 7th is the big Apple, Inc. announcement surrounding iPad 3.  For an owner of an iPad 2 I’m dying to know what new features I will have to cry alittle over since I would be crazy to upgrade to the 3 so quickly.  There has been talk about it being smaller compared to a Kindle or being pretty similar to the 2 just a bit faster with a better camera.  It won’t be long now.

As an admitted Apple-addict who’s name isn’t Hilton and who definitely can’t keep up with the Kardashian’s all I can hope for is that I time my Apple purchases well enough to get value out of them before it dies or before I break down and upgrade. 

If you’re wondering how long before either of those happens Apple has a compete matrix of how long their items should last.  I had a friend years ago who’s iPod broke after 2+ years and they went in to get a new one and were allowed a view into the Apple mind and were told by the Geek that iPods are only built to last 1.5 years.  Anything beyond that you’re working on borrowed time.  The price, at least for me, doesn’t fit that small window but you’d be crazy not to think that Apple doesn’t take that into account when timing the new product releases.  There will always be the wait-outside-overnight-to-get-the-first-item crew of Apple lovers but they do need to get the rest of us normal folk on the buying band wagon. 

Whatever they’re putting in the Kool-Aid is working because even knowing this I still can’t wait for them to take my money and give me my white bag.


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