Linsanity Amounting to Big Bucks?


Saying everyone in the NY tri-state area can’t help but know who Jeremy Lin is but that would be far too conservative.  He’s gone global.

Especially with Yao Ming’s support he’s all the buzz in Asia too.  What does this mean?  It means people have immediately been coming out of the woodwork to make money.  In my check of Ebay listings today there are a number of people posting sales of their Lin items.  Some hoping to make big bucks.  $1,000,000 for a rare Jeremy Lin collection.  (Check out the link.)

Are we jumping the gun on this?  Even if he turns out to be the second coming of Michael Jordan $1,000,000 is just too crazy for me but there seems to be a market for it.  The key is where is the line.  There is a basketball card that does have a few bids clocking in now at $16,000 (note reserve not met.)


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